2 of october 2013

With this move, the Public Company will save 40,000 euro annually in terms of rent and utilities.

Les oficines del

Palma, 1st October, 2012.-

The Public Company Palau de Congressos de Palma SA has moved its offices and staff to the 4th floor of the Avenidas Office Block, the address being number 18 on the Avenida Gabriel Alomar y Villalonga, leading to a saving of 40.000 euro annually in terms of rent and utilities. This measure is another step by the Public Company, partly owned by Palma City Hall and the Balearic Government, to comply with its savings strategy, which on this occasion means taking advantage of office space owned by the City Hall to install its offices and thus take advantage of its own resources.

Until today, the company's head office had been situated in rented offices measuring 200 m2, located in the Marina building in the area of Portixol, at number 36 on Calle Juan Maragall.

The new offices of the company will share a floor with the local Urban Planning Office and will consist of three work areas and a meeting room.

Date of last modification: 2 of October 2013