1 of october 2013

Meliá Hotels International opta a la gestió i explotació del Palau de Congressos

The board of directors has named the engineer Antonio Luengo as the new manager, replacing Ignacio Jiménez, who has decided to return to his personal professional business activity.

Palma, 5th of July of 2012.- The president of the board of directors of the Palma Convention Centre, Sebastià Sansó, has today announced that the chain Melià Hotels International has been the only company that has presented an offer in the time limit, which ended at 2pm today, to run and manage the infrastructure. 

Sansó and the current manager of the Palma Conventions Centre until today, Ignacio Jiménez, have both agreed that; "it gives us great peace of mind and confidence that a local company of a first rate international level" is participating in the tender to become the "potential management team of the Convention Centre". Melià Hotels International "will do it extraordinarily well" if their proposal meets the technical criteria required. In this regard, if the offer does not have mistakes or omissions that should be addressed, the awarding could be resolved at the end of the month or beginning of August. Thus, the contract could be signed around the middle of the next month. 

Sansó also stated that the board of directors of Palma Conventions Centre has today appointed the new manager, the civil engineer Anonio Luengo Linares, who will relieve Jimenez after he presented his resignation to be able to return to his personal business activity.

Ignacio Jiménez stated that; "it has been a privilege, an honor and a pleasure to take part in the Palma Convention Centre project" whose building works, he reminded everyone, are progressing on schedule.

Sansó gave Jiménez his "heartfelt" congratulations for the "valuable work he has been carrying out in difficult times in which he has been a brilliant captain of this ship". 

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