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[07 Apr 2011] Meetings tourist in Mallorca rose by 1.7% last year

22 of september 2013

The city received 1,401 meetings with 66,932 participants, and the average daily spend reached 220 euro. This level of attendance meant an increase of 1.7% compared to 2009. This slight recovery happened "because companies need to train, reward and incentivise people, and after one or two years of crisis, they are obliged to do so", said Marcelino Langa, President of the Mallorca Convention Bureau (MCB).

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According to the data presented by the association, the business activity generated by this kind of tourism is mainly concentrated in the months of May, June, September and October, with the Spanish market being the main client. The rise in the number of reservations and the increase in requests are reasons, according to Langa, to feel confident that meetings tourism will grow in 2011. Langa likewise feels confident that the new facilities of the Convention Centre will be "very positive" as there are currently "a dozen" congresses foreseen. The summary by MCB also added that the average stay was of three nights.

Date of last modification: 14 of October 2013

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